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How to choose the right auger for wood?

There are several important factors to consider when choosing a drill for a wood splitter.

What power should the engine use in the splitter?

Motor up to 3kW - recommended drill diameter: 60-80mm

4kW motor -  recommended drill diameter: 80-90mm

5kW motor - recommended drill diameter: 90-100mm

7kW engine - recommended drill diameter: 150-170mm

If  the drill splitter is to work with a tractor - the recommended drill bit diameter is: 100mm-170mm

Above we present the minimum and maximum diameter recommended by us. Of course, the minimum diameter can also be 60mm for each type of electric motor or tractor. However, the diameter given by us is the nominal value recommended and tested by us for a given engine, thanks to which the splitter efficiency will be the highest.


Which splitter drill should I use?

Logs with a diameter up to 20cm - recommended minimum diameter of the wood drill bit: 60mm

Logs with a diameter of up to 30cm - recommended minimum diameter of the wood drill bit: 80mm

Logs with a diameter up to 40cm - recommended minimum diameter of the wood drill bit: 90mm

Logs over 40cm in diameter - minimum diameter for wood auger: 100mm

The given minimum diameters of drill bits do not include widening attachments, which can be additionally adapted to wood that is difficult to process (curvy wood, roots, etc.).


What budget do we need for a drill splitter?

Another very important condition when choosing a drill bit for a splitter are economic issues. Of course, the best solution in terms of functionality is to choose a drill bit according to the above scheme. However, if we have a limited budget, a splitter built on the smallest components can also cope in home applications, but the splitting process will take longer.

The basic and most popular set for home applications are splitters based on an 80mm drill bit.

The auger of this diameter can later be expanded with an accessory that is an overlay extending its diameter to 150mm. The overlay we can buy at any time and use it in our splitter if we consider that a larger diameter of the auger will be better for us.


After reading the guide above, it's time to choose the right drill for wood.

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