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Screw log splitter configurator
Professional screw log splitters

Forsplit wood splitters - reliable and durable from a European manufacturer!

In our offer you will find the highest quality wood splitters, developed and manufactured in our company, which have gained recognition in the eyes of many customers in Europe and around the world. Everyone who chooses wood as a fuel should be aware of how many benefits a good quality screw wood splitter, can cope with any type of wood.

Today, everyone is looking for a way to save their strength and increase their safety during everyday activities. Our splitters can help you with this. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with our store's offer and choose the right model for your needs. If in doubt, we'll be happy to provide any information and help you choose the right wood splitting kit.

A faster, simpler and more convenient way to firewood!

After assembling the whole set, your work will be limited only to starting the device, installing wooden blocks and collecting splintered pieces of wood, the rest will be done for your wood splitter cone, which turns out to be an ideal alternative to a traditional saw or ax. We are aware that a wood splitter is not an expense of several dozen zlotys, but it is the simplest and cheapest solution on the market compared to hydraulic, mechanical and kinetic splitters. We guarantee that by choosing our store you will receive the best device on the market that will serve you for many years.

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Acquiring fuel faster and easierWhat is a wood splitter and what is its use?

A wood splitter - is a mechanical device used to split and split wood logs into smaller pieces. Depending on the intended use and type of splitting machine, a pulley electric motor or agricultural tractor via a power take-off shaft (PTO) is used to drive it. The most common type of splitter is a drill splitter, which is built from a base set consisting of bearings with a roller, auger with the appropriate diameter and a working table. We also distinguish kinetic and hydraulic splitters.

What are the most common splitting machines used for?

Wood splitters are used in woodworking and manufacturing companies, replacing an ax or a power saw and allowing you to increase processing capacity and shorten wood processing time. They are also often found in home workshops, where they facilitate splitting logs used as fuel.

This device increases the safety of work on wood, which is especially important in home conditions. Splitting machines used in industrial conditions have slightly different parameters than those used in home workshops. On the example of a drill splitter, depending on the size and number of blocks, the drill diameter, hub size, shaft diameter and engine power change.

IdoSell Trusted Reviews
4.84 / 5.00 90 reviews
IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Great info feed back following the order process. The treads on the tip are quite coarse for engaging with hard wood,
Very happy with the product. Fast respon and fast delivery to sweden. Big thanks