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How to choose a splitter pulley for your engine?

When choosing pulleys for the engine, when building a drill splitter, we should be guided by the formulas below to calculate the ratio of pulleys and the choice of pulley diameter.

Belt gear revolutions calculator

Calculation of pulley gear ratio for a drill splitter

i = v1 / v2

i - gear ratio
v1 - electric motor speed
v2 - target speed we want to achieve (on the drill splitter)


For the 1400 rpm engine and the target speed we want to achieve for our drill splitter, i.e. 550 rpm, the ratio will be calculated as follows:

i = 1400/550 = 2.55


Selection of pulley diameter for splitter

If we have already calculated the ratio we can adjust the pulleys.

If we know the diameter of a small pulley, we will calculate the large pulley as follows:

d2 = d1 * i

If we know the diameter of a large pulley, we calculate the small ones by transforming the previous formula, namely:

d1 = d2 / i

d1 - small pulley (for engine)
d2 - large pulley (for drill)
i - gear ratio


For example, suppose we have a small pulley with a diameter of 80mm on the engine, we calculate the large pulley as follows:

d2 = 80mm * 2.55 = 204mm

And vice versa, when we have a large pulley with a diameter of 204mm, we will calculate the small pulley using the second transformed formula:

d1 = 204mm / 2.55 = 80mm


If in doubt, please contact us, we will provide all necessary assistance in choosing the right pulleys for the construction of a wood splitter .



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